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Hampton Foods

Rainbow Dots Screechers™

Rainbow Dots Screechers™

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Introducing Rainbow Dots Screechers™ - Freeze-Dried Candy Sensation! 

Unleash the thrill of flavor with Hampton Foods' latest innovation - Rainbow Dots Screechers™! 

Experience the Freeze-Dried Magic: Watch your favorite candies transform into crunchy delights, preserving their intense flavors. Our cutting-edge freeze-drying technique ensures a taste explosion with every bite!

Surprises in Every Bite: Buckle up for a taste adventure! Some candies pack a sour punch, adding an unexpected twist that will keep you coming back for more. It's candy with a SCREECH!

Dazzling Flavors: 🟢 Shocking Lime 🟠 Spine-tingling Tangerine 🟡 Citrus Scream 🔴 Rattled Raspberry 🍏 Ghoulish Green Apple

Perfect for Every Occasion: Whether you're craving a bold snack or looking to surprise your taste buds, Rainbow Dots Screechers™ are the ultimate treat for candy lovers.

Share the Screech: Tag us in your Rainbow Dots Screechers™ moments using #RainbowDotsScreechers. We can't wait to see your taste adventure!

Get ready for a flavor explosion like never before! Hampton Foods brings you Rainbow Dots Screechers™ - because candy should be an experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Jordan W
Great Taste

These are amazing. The taste is great and they just melt in your mouth.