What is freeze dried food?

Freeze dried food is shelf-stable food that has undergone a process to remove nearly all its moisture while retaining flavor and 98% of its nutrients.

What does the FDA say about freeze drying?

It is a process in which water is removed from a product after it is frozen and placed under a vacuum, allowing the ice to change directly from solid to vapor without passing through a liquid phase.

What are the advantages of freeze dried food?

TASTE, whether it is fruit, vegetables, or candy. With moisture removed the flavor profile is intensified. NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED, because freeze dried foods have such a low moisture content (between 1-4%) spoilage factors–bacteria and enzymes–can’t do their work and, therefore, the food stays viable for much, much longer, often 25 years or more. CONVENIENCE, Freeze-dried foods can be safely stored unopened at room temperature and then eaten when needed.

What makes freeze dried foods long term?

First it is the process of freeze drying foods which takes out moisture from the foods and kills any bacteria that may or may not exist, all fruits and vegetables are cleaned before preparing for freeze dryer. Next when process is done, we make sure there are no "cold spots" which means moisture and if any are found they are put back in for extended dry time.

Next is the packaging, currently for our long term storage products we use at least 7 mil mylar bags and proper O2 absorbers and seal with most of the air pushed out of the package (some we vacuum seal) but not necessary with proper packaging and O2 absorbers. We triple seal for added protection. You can store in your pantry or a emergency supply container inside home. No jars or cans to mess with. When ready to eat, just rehydrate with water and cook with your favorite seasonings. OR just eat as is. We love the crisp veggies and fruit. 

How long do the products last that are not packaged for long term?

Our snack products are packaged in a window bag with a silica insert to help with moisture absorption. Unopened, they are shelf stable for one to two years from packaging date when stored in a cool, dry space; no refrigeration required.