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Hampton Foods

Melon Bombs™

Melon Bombs™

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Attention all candy lovers! Introducing Melon Bombs™, the most delicious salt water taffy you'll ever taste! Imagine biting into a crisp and crunchy taffy with an explosion of watermelon flavor in your mouth. That's exactly what you get with Melon Bombs™ from Hampton Foods.

Our taffy is freeze-dried to perfection, which gives it that extra crunch that sets it apart from other taffies. And, the watermelon flavor is so real, it's like biting into a slice of summer.

Not only is Melon Bombs™ delicious, but it's also convenient. Each 1.4oz bag is triple sealed, ensuring that the flavor and crunch will last until the very last piece. Whether you're on the go or just want a sweet snack at home, Melon Bombs™ is the perfect treat.

Don't settle for boring taffies or lackluster flavor. Experience the true excitement of Melon Bombs™, the ultimate watermelon taffy. Get your bag today!

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